SMS+ : Designed by customers

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SMS+ : How does it work?

SMS+ : Designed by customers


    - ISO27001:2013 certified suppliers

    - Data encryption end-to-end

    - Single Sign-On access to ’the system’

    - Manage users, their access and their usage

    - Create address books and distribution lists

    - Log of all user actions


    - Message length up to 5,000 characters

    - Colors and fonts

    - Bullet points and URL links

    - Company logo header, disclaimer as a footer

    - Option to create and send out data forms

    - Option to receive and process reply msgs.


    - Send now

    - Send later

    - Recurring message

    - Receive replies

    - Process replies

    - Send SMS based on content of msgs rec'd

    - Send out a survey form and collect answers

    - Foreign characters supported, e.g. Cantonese/Arabic

    - Option to limit message 'time to live'

    - Option to limit how many times the message is read

    - Option for message recipient authentication

    - Prevent message forwarding



    - Send to one person

    - Send to many

    - Send to a predefined list of people

    - Send to an opt-in list


    - Log of every message sent

    - Logs held indefinitely (competitors store for 72 hours)

    - Log of message delivery AND message read

    - Log of IP address of device that read the message

    - Log of how many times the message is read

    - Log of all user actions on the account

    - Log of all calls to our APIs




    - Webinar to walk through service

    - Online content including use cases and videos

    - Developer support incl API's, code samples and demos

    - Flexibie pricing plans

    - 24/7 phone/email/webinar support



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